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Who is Noah University for?

Noah U is for anyone with a dream, a gift a talent, or idea that they want to take from their garage to the world. If you can dream it, you can do it. Noah U will help clarify and narrow the focus of your gifts, brand building and speaking to a global audience. This experience is for those serious individuals who are looking to take their vision, creativity and passion and strategically couple that with their purpose. Noah u is targeted towards:

•Aspiring artists
•Self Employed Business
•Tattoo Artists

•Craft makers
•Looking to launch your own business
•Creating your own product

What happens each month?

Week 1

The Foundry

Week 2


Week 3

Conference Call

Week 4

Behind the Curtain

What are the Modules?

Marketing: Creating Ideas that Spread
Moving from pushy marketing to serving people. Ideas that don't spread don't matter; how to avoid being the tree that falls in the forest that no one hears fall. Assembling your tribe and loving on your audience, and the difference between the two.
And much more!
The Brand of You
Experience the paradigm shift of viewing yourself as a brand by going through the practices to act like one. Going through the process of "Storyboarding Your Life" and establishing the story you want to tell. Learning how to apply Fortune 500 best practices to the brand of you.
The Art of Doing
Moving from ideas to execution, and concepts to reality. Lots of people have great ideas, and lots of people have big dreams, yet very few act on them. I credit this one principle as the one thing that can separate you from the pack.
Storytelling on Social Media
Harnessing the power of multiple social media platforms to get your message out. Creating a plan for not just how to do it, but what to say when you do. Creating sharable and spreadable content that will draw people to you offline and online.
Beginning with the End in Mind
How do you want your life story end? Stop building bucket lists and start actually doing stuff. How to position your time, talent, and revenue to live a life of significance rather than just success. Looking at the end of your life and working backwards to determine what you will execute "today."Shifting from reacting to life to responding to life. Ensuring that you accomplish the big and small things to make your goals and dreams a reality.
Put it on the Calendar
We all have the same amount of time in the day, and we each get to choose how we are going to use it. Plan the year, the month, and the week. Dreaming is one thing, scheduling and making it a reality is another. I show you how I manage my time and my production each day, week, month, year, and beyond. This high octane module is the difference maker in becoming a highly productive creative.
The Art of Collaboration
How to avoid creating on an island. An inside look at how cross pollination and creating your own niche can change everything. Starting with little experiments to see what happens when you move from addition to multiplication. Looking for every opportunity to collaborate can change you personally and your bottom line. Learn my key strategies for leveraging those key relationships in your life to raise the tide for everyone involved.
Discovering your "Why" and Unpacking Your Story
Great brands are great storytellers. If you want to be a great brand, you have to be a great storyteller. Want to be a great storyteller? You have to understand your "Why." Your story/why is the foundational bedrock of you as a person and brand. We are going to begin our process of "digging" and asking lots of hard questions, so when people ask, you have the answers.
You are Here
The power of reflection is key to acknowledging the reality of your current circumstances and establish a plan to move forward. In order to reach a desired destination, we need to acknowledge where we currently are. Understanding that it is possible to create something from the resources that are available to you NOW regardless of how much or little money and resources are available. You will learn how to make traction and create opportunity without waiting on others or circumstances. Ignoring the naysayers; taking what you have and pressing on.
Going Online with your Brand
Looking at building a website, when to post, and how to leverage the power of the Internet for your brand. Create opportunities that your audience can experience with you that other brands don't offer. Building your email list and avoiding the biggest mistake of not capturing information both online and offline. I share my strategies of building a loyal following and how to serve your followers so they are asking and waiting for more of you.
Your Unique Super Hero Power
Becoming an expert at what you do that no one else can. Making the move from amateur to expert and from hobby to generating revenue and impact. Heroes know what their superpower is, and they have also identified their weaknesses. Define who you are, what you do and how to do it. The power of creating original content and techniques to carry it out.
Finding Inspiration & Staying Creative
So many fall into the trap of "I'm not feeling inspired today." Learn how to avoid that trap. Learning the importance of the stewardship of your own creativity and investing in yourself. Two things I do every week that ensure I'm never out of ideas that keep the canvas from never being truly blank.

The three components that will be unpacked over the year are:

  • Discovering your "why" and calling as well as "your" story. You as a "product".
  • Building your stage and vehicles to get noticed and heard.
  • Discovering the heart of your audience. How to grow and nurture your followers.


"This is the playbook I wish I would have been given when I was about to graduate High School to find my calling, build my brand, and discover my audience." -Noah

Other Topics will include:
  • Begin with "Why" (The foundation to your life story and the driving message of your products).
  • How to refine your story to tell- You as a product and the various ways you can share your unique story to the world for impact.
  • How to see life not as a blank canvas but images to share and create to help others.
  • Social media techniques and secrets to maximize your story. How to attract rather than promote.
  • How to publish your art/creativity, and make it an income stream.
  • Getting a website up and running. Making revenue while you sleep.
  • How to get your work in front of people all over the world not just your community
  • How not to follow the masses. What it means to be original and to create original content that grabs others.
  • Marketing your creations in a noisy world full of messages and to stand out among the rest.
  • The power of social media audiences and building your own platform.
  • How to build a faithful audience that help tell your story.
  • How to keep the fire and passion going and not burnout.
  • How to stay plugged in and not travel alone. The power of collaboration.
  • How to set up your marketing to be proactive and automated rather than waiting to see what happens. Traditional marketing is dead.
  • Learn my secrets to high productivity in planning my days, weeks, months and years.
  • The value of time (Working the least amount possible, making more revenue than ever while doing what you are most passionate about).
  • Learn the secrets in what products to produce for sale, prices and ways to tier product lines.
  • How to escape the status quo and 9-5 grind while living out your dream.
  • How to leverage your current job to finance your dream job and then make the transition.


Who is Noah?

Voted top 25 artists in the world by Art Business News Magazine.

The story for this Orange Country native began with humble beginnings selling art door to door as a teenager on a bicycle. Noah Elias aka Noah is a renown artist, clothing designer, speaker, author, and creator based in Costa Mesa, California where he lives with his wife and two children. Quickly, word of his talent spread and his work caught the eye of such companies as Lexus, Alpine Electronics, Metal Mulisha, Disney, Hart and Huntington, Nordstrom, Toyota, Famous Stars and Straps, and Scion. Noah's work has been featured in the "Fast and Furious" movie franchise, and TV networks such as TLC, VH1, CBS, MTV, and Fox. His celebrity work includes recording artist Pink, Tom Cruise, Travis Barker, and Ted Danson.

An amazing day came when Noah partnered with The Walt Disney Company™ to create a line of Noah versions of the characters. His creations are featured on all four Disney Cruise Line Ships, at Walt Disney World in Orlando, FL, and Disneyland Resort in Anaheim, CA.He also empowers other creatives helping them harness their unique gifts to impact and influence on their world. Noah recently launched "The Kid in Me" telling life stories through eyes of a child.

Noah's Clients Include

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when you enroll in Noah u you will also receive the following bonus content
Over $1000 in Bonus Content!
Bonus #1 The Art of Publishing (a $499 value)
Learn how to leverage what you create one time and have that one image generate tens of thousands of dollars in income for you. We look at every aspect of the process from pricing tiers to getting it out the door and on the someone's wall. Creating product and pieces that people want to talk about and have in their homes. Insider pricing on printing, scanning, shipping, and fulfillment services. (thousand in savings a year alone)
Bonus #2 Events, Trade Shows, & Pop Up Shops (a $299 value)
Learn how to turn trade shows from a loss to a huge gain. How to get your product to market such as a gallery show, publishing a book, or trade show. Creating VIP experiences for your collectors and customers.
Bonus #3 The Creatives' Swiss Army Knife (a $199 value)
An inside look at the best tools and tactics to capture your ideas, and creating a system to act on them. Creating an idea incubator to put your ideas in their place so you can let them grow.
Bonus #4 Web Design Package (a $200 value)
All Noah U Members get $200 off a web design package from Quad Pixels
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