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The Art of Publishing

Part 1 Choosing subject matter: How I get six figures in sales.

The goal is to create products and material that will sell while we sleep and won’t require us having to…

Part 2 Course Resources PDF: VIP access to my factory for scanning, printing and shipping.

Welcome to this part of the course. The goal of this information is to help you achieve a seamless system…

Part 3 My secrets to making more revenue: Building your products into tiers and pricing.

*This video will be replaced as we’re editing a more condensed version. When I started my art publishing business 27…

Part 4 Make more profit and sell more product.

I went from vendor to vendor trying to find the best quality and best price for the resources I needed.…

Part 5 The secrets to growing and scaling your sales, business and marketing.

If you create art or photography or anything image related, this module is going to be crucial for your success.

Part 6 Production to on the wall: Automation, manufacturing and shipping of your products.

I encourage you to take a look at how to mark up your products and the reasons behind these choices.